1.To become a Full Member (men only) with IRRC, you must possess a roadworthy insured motorcycle,with a valid license plate and sticker. Associate members must be sponsored by a Full Member   (No Law Enforcement Accepted)

2.To become a Full Member (men only) or an Associate Member (women riders and non riders) you will associate
with us for a period of 30 days so we get to know each other,
after the 30 days you will be issued your front vest patch.
Your probationary time will be another 60 days,when completed
and you have been voted in with a majority vote you will receive your
Back patch.(total probationary time 90 days)

3. If a Member in good standing is not able to ride any more due to medical reasons, they will still keep their patch.

4. If any long term Member requests to retire due to circumstances beyond their control, a RETIRED patch shall be issued by the club at no cost to the retiree. They will keep their patch and membership at no cost as well. They will relinquish their voting rights and meetings will no longer be mandatory.

5. Members will be issued patches for years served at 3 years, 5 years, Lifer (10 years) and Retired. Cost to be incurred by the club. They must be sewn on the upper right chest.

6. Your Patch set will be issued when you are voted in at no cost to you. Patch sets for all Members remain the property of IRRC and will be returned back to IRRC when you leave the club for any reason.

7. Members pay monthly dues. Dues are to be paid the first of every month.  A $10.00 fine will be levied if you are late with your dues unless arranged otherwise.

8. Meetings will be once a month.

9. Proper and respectful conduct must be shown at all times while wearing their IRRC Patch. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including possible expulsion from the club. Decision to be made by IRRC Members vote.

10. IRRC Patch should be worn at all meetings, all rides and any motorcycle related event.

11. IRRC Secretary must keep an Updated Roster of all Members, and Retirees. Should your contact information change, please inform the Secretary A.S.A.P.

12. IRRC shall keep a Bank Account that requires 2(two) signatures for any transaction. The Treasurer will keep the account up to date and maintain a full record. A report will be made at all meetings. It can also be requested at any time by any member.

13. Elections will be every 2 years for Executive Positions. Any Member can run if they are in good standing.

14. If an Executive or any Member is found to be acting in conduct unbecoming,or can no longer perform their necessary duties, they will be approached by the Executive and a decision will be agreed upon as to whether or not they must step down or pending a vote by the Membership, asked to leave IRRC.

15. All IRRC Meetings and Information remains between the Club Members and "MUST NOT" be shared with non-members, nor the public at large.